13 06, 2016

Create a Campaign, Not Just a Spot (or Ad)

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Jeffrey Hedquist is back to give you another quip about keeping your advertising simple! Jeff is primarily a ‘radio guy’ and writes about radio advertising, but almost every article he writes can be related to pretty much any advertising medium.  Todays post has to do with making sure the first 5 seconds of your commercial is the most impactful.  I’ll let Jeff explain… Every time you create a spot, think about making it into a campaign – a theme that will tie all the client’s commercials together and give them an identity in the minds of the audience. Don’t go beyond the concept [...]

6 01, 2015

Best Times To Post On Social Media (Infographic)

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I keep trying to find different sources to post on I Heart Blank, but Daily Infographic seems to keep coming up with hits!  Today, I present to you an infograph titled "Social Media:  The Best Time To Outreach."   While this data may not be for every business, I do think it's relevant for most 'conventional businesses.'  If there's a social media you're not on and want to be, don't forget I Heart Blank can help you out with our Going Social Media Package.  Highlights include: Facebook Best Time: 1PM - 4PM Peak Time:  Wednesdays 3PM Worst Time:  Weekends, before [...]

20 08, 2014

How Not To Sell Something, Vol. 2

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A Funny Story I'm sure I could come up with a bunch of real life examples, but I hate when I go into a store looking to be educated and I can't get what I'm looking for.  Say, for example, I'm looking for a PC and the 'sales person' just reads the boxes or the sales tags.  To me, it's kind of insulting.  Is the person 'helping' me assuming I can't read?  I'm looking for someone to help (and educate me) on the right product for me. I would honestly have the person just tell me they don't know much about [...]

6 08, 2014

How I Sell Something, Vol. 1

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So, we've talked about how not to sell.  Today, I thought I'd talk about the other side of the coin and give some inspiration about how I do sell. Most of the time I like to 'sell' with options.  Give someone options for what they're looking for with an explanation of why I'm giving those options and what the differences are between the options.  Two examples come to mind. Website Selling I love giving people options when it comes to solutions for their website.  I do my research and learn everything I can about what the best solution for the person is.  I [...]

22 07, 2014

How Not To Sell Something, Vol. 1

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A Funny Story Funny story.  Someone named 'Sam' went to car dealership and left my phone number instead of their own.  I received a number of phone calls from the car dealership.  I let the first few go to voicemail.  I figured after 1 or 2 calls, they'd realize no one was interested.  They weren't getting the message.  Finally, on the third or fourth day I picked up just to let them know.  I told them I wasn't at the car dealership and wasn't interested in purchasing a car.  The guy on the other end told me that he [...]

24 04, 2014

Advertising Gold – Creative Business Card Ideas

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Find some inspiration today with "30 Of The Most Creative Business Cards Ever."  If you happen to need business cards in the future, I Heart Blank can help you design and print your business cards.  Don't forget to check out our portfolio too.      

3 01, 2014

The Smarter Advertising, Pt. 1

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I haven't posted in a little bit due to 'end of the year chaos' but I thought I would share a few tips & quips for your next advertising campaign.   There are a bunch of things I've learned on my own and a bunch of people I've taken advice from.  Here's some of those thoughts / rants.   Separate Yourself From The Pack One of the big great pieces of marketing advice that people seem to forget.  One of the main keys to any advertising campaign is to separate yourself from the pack.  That can come in two [...]

3 12, 2013

Advertising Gold – 31 Examples Of Amazing Product Packaging

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Buzzfeed had a great post called "31 Mind-Blowing Examples of Brilliant Packaging Design."  I believe some of them are 'concepts' more than reality, but all the idea's are actually pretty cool.  I thought they could help inspire you with some ideas for your business.  Sometimes the most creative ideas can be the simplest!  I've put some of my favorites below, but be sure to check out all of them!  

26 11, 2013

Marketing Gold – Zappos New Product!

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For a limited time has a item for sale on their website.  It's called the "Sh*t Product" and it's available to you for the low, low price of $100,000!   I suppose this deserves a little bit of explanation.  It all started when the always-amusing Kanye West was a guest on Bret Easton Ellis' Podcast and shared a story about a 'discussion' he had with Tony Hsieh (Entrepreneur and CEO of Zappos): I got into this giant argument with the head of Zappos that he’s trying to tell me what I need to focus on. Meanwhile, he sells all [...]

23 10, 2013

How To Stay Progressive With Your Business (Or Go Away)

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I thought I'd write a little post about staying progressive.  Maybe a reminder to stay ahead of the game.  There are some businesses I see who like to sit back and 'breath.'  I don't think this is nearly ever good. What I'm Talking About: When you've finally opened the doors to your new business or you're a well established business that's been around for 20 years, I think there's a time in anyone's business where they just sit back and either reap the benefits or watch their business go down the tubes. There are a bunch of different reasons [...]

18 09, 2013

More Meanings Of Colors

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In what seems like ages ago I posted an article titled "What Colors In Your Logo Mean..."  It was a fun little article talking about your "color mission statement" and other tips and tricks if you're looking to re-invent yourself and your business (and logo.)  Today I was browsing 9gag and I found a little picture that can help bring a little more depth to the issue.  Take a look at the picture below to get the 'full picture.'  If it's something you've seen before...well, consider it a refresher course!