Search Engine Optimization and Integration has become an important part of any small business’ online marketing strategy.  There are a lot of tips and tricks we can do to get your site to the top of the list in Google, BingYahooAsk and many other search engines.  Your page titles, meta-tags and linked content can help to boost your organic search engine results.  Having a Facebook or Twitter account can also help you to reach optimal Search Engine Optimization.  Unfortunately, sometimes SEO submissions can take a little bit of time to show up.  Because search engines are consistently trying to give you the best search results so they are constantly changing their algorithms.

  • Submission to Google Maps
  • Content readjustments
  • Adjust styles of text
  • Page Titles
  • Search Engine Optimization Submissions
    • Google Blacklist Check
    • Create and submit sitemaps for GoogleYahooAsk & Bing
    • Submission To other site listings
    • Social Link submissions
    • Verification of sitemap submission
  • Google Analytic submission
  • Meta-tags
  • Meta-description

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