A Funny Story

Funny story.  Someone named ‘Sam’ went to car dealership and left my phone number instead of their own.  I received a number of phone calls from the car dealership.  I let the first few go to voicemail.  I figured after 1 or 2 calls, they’d realize no one was interested.  They weren’t getting the message.  Finally, on the third or fourth day I picked up just to let them know.  I told them I wasn’t at the car dealership and wasn’t interested in purchasing a car.  The guy on the other end told me that he would take me off their ‘call list’ but other dealerships are also given the number and I may receive a call from them.

I was kind of astounded.  What kind of sales technique was this?  After I told them I wasn’t interested at all, I still might get calls!?  The person, on the other end of line, couldn’t make a call and make sure I wasn’t on anyone else’s list?!  The more I ‘stewed’ about it, the angrier I got.  I came up with two conclusions:

  1. I would never buy that brand of car.
  2. I would never go near those dealerships with practices like that.
  3. There’s a reason why people think car dealers are ‘shady.’

I’m sure the stats are there but in my opinion, who the hell would buy a car after the 4th harassing phone call from these people.  Like, on the last phone call you’d say, “All right.  You got me.  I’ll come get that car tomorrow.

A Good Story

When I purchased my Volkswagen I walked into the dealership, told them how much I could afford ‘per month’ and that I had a range to put down for a deposit.  The salesman there was very nice.  He didn’t try to ‘sell me a car,’  he successfully tried to match my needs with a car that would suit me.

At one point I was in between two models of cars, and he told me which one he would pick (which was actually the lower priced car,) and educated me specifically on why he would make that decision.  I ended up picking the more expensive one, but it really helped me to trust him.  There were no obnoxious phone calls, etc.  There was a mutual respect of finding me what I was looking for at a price I could afford.  He won my respect and my business.


When I go to buy a new car, I don’t want want to be sold anything.  I’m looking to go into a business and learn, from experts, what the benefits and features are of a product or service.  When I go to a business, I want a sales person to help and guide me to make an educated decision.  I especially like it when a sales person gives me their opinion based on their wisdom and/or experience with a product.  I even love it when a salesman actually talks me out of sale because the product won’t fit my needs.

Part of sales is a transfer of confidence.  When you sell something by annoying, misleading or ‘trying to get the sale’ that is what you are transferring.  Not confidence.

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