All work will be done in house by I Heart Blank, LLC.  The only reason / purpose I Heart Blank, LLC may subcontract work is to ensure work is done on-time.


I am usually pretty ‘hands-on’ with my clients.  I usually get an idea of what my clients want and then give then a number of solutions with my recommendation of the best one.  From there I work with clients to achieve the best solution at the most reasonable rate.

Biography of Principal Contact:

Hi! My name is Tom DuHamel and I run I Heart Blank, LLC.  I started my own business in 2011 but have been making websites since 2002.  Before I Heart Blank, LLC I worked for a local radio station in Hackettstown, NJ selling advertising, doing voice-overs and helping local business create compelling advertising and marketing campaigns.  When I started I Heart Blank, LLC my goal was to integrate the two things I was most experienced at; marketing and website design.  Basically, making sure your website integrates your marketing plan (iconic retention, branding, etc.).

Quality Assurance:

E-mails / phone calls are answered within 24 business hours (unless there is an immediate emergency.)  Testimonials and client references are the best way I can assure a high quality product as well as ‘delivering as expected.’  While I cannot guarantee the quality of third-party plug-ins or themes, I do utilize and have tested the highest-rated and highest quality products tailored to WordPress.  I’ve included a number of links throughout this proposal so you can see, explore and research for yourself.

I Heart Blank is committed to keeping the lines of communication open with communication mediums including face-to-face meetings, telephone calls, teleconferences, web conferences, e-mails, and instant messaging. We leverage tools such as Google Talk, Skype and our own website client area to communicate effectively.

Our Guarantee:

I Heart Blank, LLC guarantees that you will get exactly what we propose to do.  Most of our proposals are between 8 – 10 pages long for this reason.  We’ve done the research and assure you the website will be as functional as we promise it will be.  Because we can’t guarantee the functionality of 3rd party vendors; if there is does happen to be a problem with a plug-in, theme or other product, we will either find a suitable replacement or attempt to fix the problem as quickly and proficiently as possible.