I keep trying to find different sources to post on I Heart Blank, but Daily Infographic seems to keep coming up with hits!  Today, I present to you an infograph titled “Social Media:  The Best Time To Outreach.”   While this data may not be for every business, I do think it’s relevant for most ‘conventional businesses.’  If there’s a social media you’re not on and want to be, don’t forget I Heart Blank can help you out with our Going Social Media Package.  Highlights include:


  • Best Time: 1PM – 4PM
  • Peak Time:  Wednesdays 3PM
  • Worst Time:  Weekends, before 8AM or after 8PM


  • Best time:  Monday – Thursdays, 1PM – 3PM
  • Peak Time:  Monday – Thursdays, 9AM – 3PM
  • Worst Time:  Everyday, after 8PM.  Friday after 3PM


  • Best time:  Tuesday – Thursdays
  • Peak Time:  Noon 5PM – 6PM
  • Worst Time:  Mondays & Fridays, 10PM – 6AM


  • Best Time: Saturday Mornings
  • Peak Time:  Fridays, 3PM
  • Worst Time:  Normal Work Hours


  • Best Time: Friday Evenings, 7PM
  • Peak Time: Sunday – Tuesday, 7PM – 10PM
  • Worst Time:  Before 4PM

Google +

  • Best Time: 9AM – 10AM
  • Peak Time: Wednesdays, 9AM
  • Worst Time:  Early Morning & Evenings

Check out the full infograph below:

Best Times To Post on Social Media