I Heart Blank, LLC offers a whole slew of domain names.  Picking the right domain name can be frustrating and maybe a little confusing.  I Heart Blank can help!  Below you can find a list of some of the most popular domain names.  You can find a full list of domains, prices and more at  General .com‘s cost $17 / year but we also have access to a bunch of other urls (like .net, .biz, .mobi, etc.) You can take a look at the rates below.  I Heart Blank also offers the newest domain extensions like .lawyer, .camp, .company, .photography and more!

All domains come standard with:

  • Free Email Account
  • Privacy Protection
  • DNS Management
  • Domain Forwarding
  • Free Mail Forwards
  • Domain Theft Protection
  • Bulk Tools
  • Control Panel

Hosting & Domain FAQs

What If I’m Unsure Of What My Domain Name Should Be?2017-11-01T21:18:53+00:00

I wouldn’t really worry about it.  You’re welcome to give us a call at (908) 509-1013 or you can check out some articles we’ve written on this very subject:

What Do All These Hosting Terms Mean?2017-11-10T19:51:52+00:00

Some of this might be a little complicated.  Here’s some basic definitions to help you get started:

Storage Space – Storage space is the amount of space you’re allotted on the server.  You can think of it as your own personal hard drive on that server.  Files on your website, pictures, email and anything else associated with your website.

Bandwidth – Bandwidth is the amount of data that is able to be transferred (usually per month.)  For example, the home page of I Heart Blank is a little less than 1MB.  That means, anytime someone comes to I Heart Blank they are transferring 1MB of bandwidth.

Computer Measurements – KB (Kilobyte,) MB(Megabyte,) GB (Gigabyte) – ‘bytes’ are measurements of files.  They measure how big or small a file is on your system.  The size of your storage space is measure this way.  The measurements (pretty much) are measured using the metric system.  1000 Kilobytes equals 1 Megabyte (and so on and so forth.)

  • 1,024 KB = 1 MB (Megabyte)
  • 1,024 MB = 1 GB (Gigabyte)
  • 1,024 GB – 1 TB (Terabyte)

Now, these numbers mean nothing without being put into context.  So, think about a music mp3 on your computer.  An mp3, on average, takes up about 4MB on your computer.  If you have 1GB of storage space  you will be able to store (about) 250 songs on that hard drive.

Sub-Domains – Sub-domains are a way to organize your website.  For example, if you have a website that has a shopping cart in a section, you can set up a sub-domain to easily organize your website (ie –, or

Add-On Domains – Add-On domains are additional domains your can link to your hosting account.  The most common reasons to utilize an add-on domain are:

  • To simply utilize a different domain name that goes to your site.  For example, if you go to you’ll see that it just leads to  I did this to make it easier when I was making some radio announcements.
  • To set up different email addresses.  Typically used if you’d like to create email addresses that aren’t your ‘main domain name.’ With an Add-On Domain, you can have your website at, but your email addresses at
  • To point to a specific