18 09, 2013

More Meanings Of Colors

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In what seems like ages ago I posted an article titled "What Colors In Your Logo Mean..."  It was a fun little article talking about your "color mission statement" and other tips and tricks if you're looking to re-invent yourself and your business (and logo.)  Today I was browsing 9gag and I found a little picture that can help bring a little more depth to the issue.  Take a look at the picture below to get the 'full picture.'  If it's something you've seen before...well, consider it a refresher course!    

27 12, 2012

What Colors In Your Logo Mean & Establishing Your ‘Color Mission Statement’

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The colors you use to represent your business can often have a great impact on how people ‘see’ your business.  We’ve all learned, at some point, the basics of color psychology but when’s the last time you used this with your business.  Sometimes people will even get pumped about using color psychology for their logo but forget that it does impact all parts of their business…like you business cards or your advertisements. […]

9 08, 2012

Famous Logo’s And Their Price Tags

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Logo's are a funny thing.  As you can see in this BuzzFeed article, some of the most iconic logo's didn't cost a cent.  Other's might seem ridiculous a little high.  I thought it was real interesting to find that Coca-Cola never paid for their logo.  Pepsi seems about right.  I remember when people were freaking out over the logo back in 2008.  What I think is important to understand while looking through these is that it wasn't just one person sitting in a room thinking up 5 logos for these corporate giants to pick from.  Much of what goes [...]