6 07, 2015

There’s More Than One Type Of Sales

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Hey guys.  It’s been a little bit since my last post.  I thought I would get back ‘on the wagon’ (or off the wagon…whichever one it is.) Todays rant is all about Salespeople.  I was a sales person for a number of years and there’s a few  conclusions I came up with.  Instead of going on a rant about everything I dislike about sales, I thought I would write about what I actually like about sales. […]

20 08, 2014

How Not To Sell Something, Vol. 2

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A Funny Story I'm sure I could come up with a bunch of real life examples, but I hate when I go into a store looking to be educated and I can't get what I'm looking for.  Say, for example, I'm looking for a PC and the 'sales person' just reads the boxes or the sales tags.  To me, it's kind of insulting.  Is the person 'helping' me assuming I can't read?  I'm looking for someone to help (and educate me) on the right product for me. I would honestly have the person just tell me they don't know much about [...]

6 08, 2014

How I Sell Something, Vol. 1

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So, we've talked about how not to sell.  Today, I thought I'd talk about the other side of the coin and give some inspiration about how I do sell. Most of the time I like to 'sell' with options.  Give someone options for what they're looking for with an explanation of why I'm giving those options and what the differences are between the options.  Two examples come to mind. Website Selling I love giving people options when it comes to solutions for their website.  I do my research and learn everything I can about what the best solution for the person is.  I [...]

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