I hired Tom (I Heart Blank) to build a retail website for my business after trying to attempt it myself. He was so helpful and insightful when it came to what I wanted my overall site to look and feel like and the overall user experience. He gave me daily updates, sometimes hourly, and always kept me involved in the whole process. I can’t stress enough how he carefully listened to my website needs and fulfilled them way above what I expected my site to be. Most importantly, Tom never talked down to me because of my ignorance on the subject and taught me how to navigate and edit my site through tutorials. He took the time out of his busy schedule to get me adjusted to my new site, with an enthusiastic and helpful demeanor. I cannot tell you how valuable my new skill set truly is for me. I Heart Blank made this all possible!!!  Thank you so much Tom!

Gia Scassera, Scassera Designs

“I feel its necessary to say…. u did an AMAZING job with the website! I’m BLOWN AWAY BRO! Its PERFECT! Clean, crisp, easy to navigate, visually appealing, I mean EVERYTHING IS PERFECT! You are a Great BUILDER, an EXCEPTIONAL CREATOR, and a friend of mine!”

Jason Norment, Lil' Fruityz

Just wanted to send you a quick little thank you for all the work you have put into ‘thesarakay‘ website and business cards. You have been such a big help and quite a visionary. Having both tools, biz cards and site have truly helped pass the ‘good word’ around ’bout the tattoo work I do. Look forward to working with you soon. Cheers!

Sara Karpinski, Tattoo Artist