I often have a hard time convincing small businesses that they should be blogging.  It can be time consuming and frustrating but it’s worth it in the long run.  I believe that many people decide not to blog the same way they decide not to advertise.  When you blog, you’re essentially spending you time or money on something with no ‘guarantee’ that it will pay-off.  It’s actually a type of risk analysis.  You’re weighing your time (or money) to the potential ROI.

I try to convince people that their efforts will pay off in the long run.  I let them know that 1-in-4 google searches are local, or that if you post 9 times per month, you can generate 3X the traffic you currently have.  All of this, of course, will not happen over night (just like advertising,) but it’s important to the long term success of your business.  There’s also the microcosm of Twitter and Facebook that, if you’re sincere, can help increase your online presence.

Today I came across an article from Michael Cage with another 11 reasons you, as a local business should be blogging.  Let’s just consider it another little ‘push’ to get you motivated.  You can click through to the article, “11 Ways Local Retail Stores Profit from Blogging” to find details about each of the reasons:

  1. When local retailer’s blog it gives your shop personality.
  2. A well-run blog can highlight your retail store and balance out Yelp and other review sites.
  3. Introduce new offers, specials and sales on your retail blog.
  4. Blogging makes your local retail shop show up higher in search engine rankings (SEO)
  5. Blogging increases referrals and word of mouth marketing.
  6. Your blog keeps your retail business front-and-center with your market.
  7. Local blogging gives your customers, clients and prospects a “say” your business.
  8. Blogging gives you a platform to communicate your passion.
  9. Blogging is a way to demonstrate your contribution to the community.
  10. Promote your retail business by “showcasing” it on your blog.
  11. Blogging is a way to establish your authority in your industry.

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