I posted an article about the importance and benefits of having a blog on your website.  We went over why it’s important to keep up with it, touched on how often, and what it can do for your business.  While writing the article I came up with a lot of stuff, so I thought I’d pull out a portion of it for it’s own blog post.  I know I have the attention span of a goldfish and I’m sure many of you do too.  They’re tips and ideas for writing articles and posts that your clients and potential clients will love.

HubSpot (via MarketingProf’s) showed some statistics that companies who write / post 15 blog posts a month see five times the traffic of companies that don’t have a blog.  The thought of creating 15 blog posts will be time consuming (and may not be necessary,) but there’s also the thought of, “What the hell am I going to write about!?”  Remember, and I’ve said it before, you’re the master of your business.  You should know more about your business then anyone else (that’s what should set you apart from the pack.)  If you don’t, then you should at least have access to the answers…and I’m pretty sure if I followed you around for a week I could point out at least a dozen subjects that would be perfect blog posts!  Therefore, you are a valuable tool to your customers and a great selling point to potential customers.  Below you’ll find some quick ideas for blog posts…

What’s Common To You Isn’t Common To Everyone

Some creative thoughts for your blog may be the simplest things like industry updates.  Sometimes I write blog posts that seem like common knowledge, but clients have been thrilled to receive the information.  You do have all the information in your head.  You just need to find the time…and get it out ‘on paper!’

Your Opinions Matter

You can even talk about your own personal opinions about a topic or a subject.  Your opinion matters and people who do not know about your industry are actually looking for someone they can trust!  There’s a reason why listeners feel so close to the DJ’s they listen to on the radio.  Many of them feel a personal connection to the DJ because they ‘share time’ with that DJ every day.  Your blog allows you to connect with your ‘listeners.’  So just give them your opinions.

Customer Service On Your Blog

Sometimes the easiest way to get started is to think about the misconceptions or ‘complaints’ someone has about your business.  If someone doesn’t understand how a certain feature, product or service works and you find yourself on the phone explaining it all the time…then it may be the perfect topic for a blog post.  Example:  THIS BLOG POST!

History Matters

The history of your business industry might be interesting to some people.  Not only does it show that you’re ‘well versed’ in your in industry, but it also shows that you have the knowledge to lead other people to success.  A while ago I did a post that was simply an archive of vintage ad’s.

The Resources You Respect

All these tips I’m writing for you are all because I saw a simple stats article on MarkingProf’s.  I have no problem and prefer to share the resources I go to.  They can provide valuable information to my clients who are seeking that ‘extra edge’ above the competition.  So feel free to share the resources you respect, but make sure why you tell them why!

Be Selfish

Sometimes I simply write a blog post so I don’t forget where I found it, or I simply want to have easy access too it.  If it’s something don’t want to forget, then it’s a pretty safe bet that someone else is the world wants to remember it too.

Picture Perfect!

Sometimes pictures are a perfect way to fill up a blog post.  If you’re redecorating your office, you can keep your clients updated with the progress.  If you get a new product or have started offering a new service then it might be the perfect opportunity to snap a few pictures.

New! New! New!

Speaking of new products and services…Got something new that you offer.  Bingo!  Explain exactly what it is and why it will benefit your potential clients…search engines love it.