MarketingProf’s had a very interesting article this morning about local search engine requests.  They even broke fit down into by search engines.  Local traffic from Google was 24.24%, Bing rang in at 28.8% and Yahoo was 25.28%.  The study was done by Chitika Insights.  No matter what type of business you have, if it’s local you can bet people are searching for it on the internet.  So you might want to make sure your online presence is where it’s suppose to be.

One way you can help your presence stand out is to sign up for ‘local specific’ websites.  I’ve included some links below where you can sign up for them.  If it seems like a lot you can call us and we can help you out.

There are dozen sites popping up with these kind of searches.  You can always find more on your own!  Hop this lis got you started!  You can check out the full MarketingProf’s article below:

1 in 4 Google Search Queries Is Local