I was updating The Albatross when I came across a video about Entrepreneurship.  It was a great video from Entrepreneurs Wales 2012 about how entrepreneurs are different.  Heck, the featured speaker was a little different, or at least not the first (or second) person you’d think to be giving a keynote.  The featured speaker was Iron Maiden’s lead singer Bruce Dickinson.  What you may not know is that Bruce Dickinson is a certified pilot (and often flys the band to their shows) who recently founded Cardiff Aviation and has helped make jobs available for 1,000 workers in Whales.

I always said that some of the best business experience I ever got was being in bands.  You learn how to network, you learn how to keep fans (read: customers,) and learn how to retain them.  Depending on how the band is run and how many people are in it you are either a business partner with 3/4 other people or they are kind of like your employee’s.  Bruce gets into that.

So check out the video below of Bruce Dickinson’s keynote speech at Entrepreneurs Wales 2012.  Topics include are how Entrepreneurs are different, how Apple screwed the music industry, making it all about the customers, and how the being in a band is essentially like being in a business, and the 360 Model of Business.  Check out the full video above (20:45):