Last week we talked about the newest Facebook Algorithm pages.  While I was educating myself on the algorithm changes I came across an article from Buzzsumo about 17 things you can do to help with your presence on Facebook.  It was pretty useful and promotes some of the things I’ve talked about so I thought I’d share it.  The article is titled, “17 Experts Tips On Dealing with The Latest Facebook Algorithm Changes.”  Here are the highlights from the article (if you’re interested):

  1. Get Your Facebook Fans onto an email list
  2. Practice storytelling with each Facebook post
  3.  Understand what excites your audience
  4. Make sure your content has context to the reader
  5. Have a friendly and relaxed approach when posting
  6. Use Facebook For Lead Generation But Convert On Your Own Site
  7. Learn how to be more relevant to your customers’ lives.
  8. Empower your employees to scale your content
  9. Simply Stop Writing Promotional Posts
  10. Focus on building relevant, high quality content
  11. Focus on providing value
  12. Analyze what’s working and produce more of that
  13. Create more video content
  14. Know more about your potential buyers
  15. Know what works for your audience
  16. Remove or Adapt Your Promotional Posts
  17. Diversify your social media platforms
  18. Become indispensable to your audience