I found a great infograph titled “The Science of Social Timing.”  It helps you to figure out the best times to post on your social networks to get the maximum exposure.  You can check out the infograph below, but I’ve also highlighted some of the key ‘take aways.’  Let’s take a look at them:

General Info

  • 50% of the US population is in the Eastern Time Zone
  • 80% of the US population is in the Eastern & Central Time Zone


  • 5PM is the ‘best time’ to tweet
  • Best Tweeting frequency:  1 – 4 tweets per hour
  • The best days to tweet for CTR’s (click-through rates) is midweek and the weekends
  • CTR ‘spikes’ occur around noon & 6PM


  • Most Facebook sharing is on Saturday
  • Best time to ‘share’ is noon and a little after 7
  • Best sharing frequency on Facebook: 0.5 posts per day