Hey Guys!  I Heart Blank, LLC has become a Certified Partner with Yext and is now offering a new directory / social media service.  It’s called PowerListings and it’s pretty cool.  This new service will allow you to be submitted to over 50+ directory sites across the internet…all in one-shot.  Plus you can update all your listings instantly from one place.

I want as many people as possible to be able to take advantage of this new service, so I’ll offering PowerListings for $550 per year (for the first five years.)  I don’t expect the price to go up too much in the future, but I want to see how things go.

It’s really pretty simple.  I Heart Blank will set your account up and have you fill in any basic information we don’t have.  From there you’ll be signed up, set up and submitted to over 50 social media and directory sites.  Wanna see a list of the sites?  Here you go.  You can also check out how you rank up with PowerListing and see how many social media / directory sites you’re on.

After that if anything changes with your business you can log in to the Dashboard, make the changes and PowerListings will automatically update all the sites…instantly.  It’s that easy!

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