Outage Update @ 8:23PM

Hello All…okay…there is one more tiny hiccup.  Seems like the sites are working fine, but some other services (like email) seem to sporadically going ‘on and off.’   Like 20 minutes ‘on’ and then 5 minutes ‘off.’  I’m on the phone, submitted a ticket and am monitoring everything now.  Should return to normal soon.  I’ll keep you posted on the Facebook Page when everything seems to be up.

UPDATE: Hello! I was on the phone with support while cooking so i had to take a quick break. All is well and has been since about 20 minutes after i posted this. We’re rocking and rolling. Our hosting company went through some crazy stuff this morning but have been working super hard to rectify all issues. Thank you for the patience…and for everyone who’s been helping to keep an eye on the issue.