This really cool thing happened last week.  I got an email from a CCM student named Mat who was interested in interning here!  We sat down and did a little interview last Friday and, as it turns out, he’s pretty awesome.  So, I started him today.  One of his first duties (hehe) was to write a little something to introduce himself to you!

So, ladies and gentleman.  I’m proud to introduce you to Mat Lippiello (*sound fanfare*)

Hi there. I’m Mat. Cartoonist, Graphic Designer, comic and animation buff, and doodler of random crap. I’m working with I Heart Blank for a period of time as an intern.

I run a webcomic named Matchu on my Deviantart page, which we’re currently working to build a website for, and have many other random projects going on. I have experience designing logos and characters, and have taken classes in ad design.