Welcome to a new feature of I Heart Blank, LLC where we highlight an awesome WordPress Plugin that we think just might be a perfect fit for you and your website.

Todays plugin is called “Post Expirator” and it’s the perfect companion for someone who has ‘non-permanent‘ blog posts!  Here’s the basic deal.  Post Expirator’s settings will allow you to pick certain categories that you want to expire (by default.)  So if you only have certain posts categories that you want to expire…you can do it!  You can also set a default expiration time.  So when you go to write a new blog post, the expiration will automatically be set and you don’t have to worry about setting it with every post.   You also have plenty of options to either delete the post after a set period, change it to a draft or update the post category.

I first started using Post Expirator for WRNJ Radio.  WRNJ likes to post guests for their weekly programming.  Problem was, we don’t need the guests of a show on the website a year later.  So we set Post Expirator to delete the ‘Programming‘ category posts one month after they’re posted.  It’s been working great for WRNJ!

If I Heart Blank does you’re website and you’d like this plugin installed then just let us know.  If you’re running your WordPress blog through another service you can download the plugin below.

Post Expirator – Plugin Directory