Logo’s are a funny thing.  As you can see in this BuzzFeed article, some of the most iconic logo’s didn’t cost a cent.  Other’s might seem ridiculous a little high.  I thought it was real interesting to find that Coca-Cola never paid for their logo.  Pepsi seems about right.  I remember when people were freaking out over the logo back in 2008.  What I think is important to understand while looking through these is that it wasn’t just one person sitting in a room thinking up 5 logos for these corporate giants to pick from.  Much of what goes into a logo and what I Heart Blank does on a much much much smaller scale is bring the brand of what the person / business is trying to accomplish into the logo.  How they want to be seen.  How their customers see them.  In many cases you can fit the business owners personality right into the logo.  Click on the link below and take a look through the list:

How Much Did These Famous Logo Designs Cost?