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9 02, 2015

Seth W.’s Beliefs About Customer Service

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Today we’ve got a new ‘guest writer!’  He’s an old friend who I get together with every once in a while and discuss marketing, social media, the internet, music and a bunch of other stuff!  His name is Seth W.  I recently subscribed to Seth’s newsletter and his latest article was perfect!  To be honest, after my recent vacation I was mentally preparing to write an article about customer service.  I got home and Seth’s article was in my inbox and, well, he did a better job than I could have.  So…I asked Seth if I could feature him [...]

26 11, 2013

How Well Do You Know Your Customers [Infographic]

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It's been a little bit since I posted anything to make you smarter.  That changes today!  I came across a great little infograph called "Customer's Just Aren't That Into You" which highlights some tips and pitfalls of customer service and customer sales.  Check it out below.  (via Infographic via Handshakez)