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Do sites like LinkedIn, YouTubeFacebook, or Twitter drive you crazy?  While we don’t provide content for social media, what we can do is provide a fresh look for your social media page.  Trust me, We’ve put the hours in learning how to do all this stuff…and it wasn’t fun.  I guess we’ll take you through a few social mediums and tell you what they are, why they are important and what we can do with them.  And remember if we’re revamping your whole social network then you will receive a discount on the services.


Facebook is the biggest social media website in the whole world.  If you don’t have a Facebook page, we strongly suggest you get one (with or without us.)  Facebook has recently put a lot focus on marketing and small business.  This could be very good for your business…if you’re doing it correctly.  Facebook can be a great place to put your blog posts, pictures, and even hold a contest or promotion.

We can create or revamp your Facebook account.  We can add add timeline / cover photos, profile pictures and be sure that all your profile information is correct.  If we set up a WordPress blog for you, we’ll also make sure that the two are connected.  We can also help your businesses Facebook Page appear at the top of local search engines.  If someone’s just trying to get updates from you, then this is a great way to get them ‘hooked’ on your business.  Content on your page and in your info can help you show up in search engines as well as the Facebook search engine.  We can also help you cross-promote other businesses that you like.

We do a little bit more but you can watch this video some of the basics of Search Engine Optimization and Facebook.


Twitter are your thoughts in 140 characters or less.  If you have a ‘magazine-style’ blog with more then 3 updates a day, Twitter might be perfect.  While most businesses should (right now at least) focus on Facebook, Twitter is not to be ignored.  The Albatross actually has more followers on Twitter then it does on Facebook.  There’s a reason for that.  Most businesses (and people) need to recognize the difference between the two and how you should use each one.

Of course, we can create or revamp your Twitter site with a personalized background image and profile image.  While it’s your job to post to Twitter and interact with your followers, we can help you do it in the most professional way possible.  We can also connect your Twitter account to your Facebook page, so that whenever you post on Twitter it’ll automatically get pushed to Facebook.

If we are doing your website, we also have a few tricks up our sleeve (look directly below!) to help integrate your Twitter account to your website as well as search engines.


LinkedIn is a social network for business professionals.  It’s more for you as the business person who owns the business.  It’s basically an online resume that allows you connect to with your colleaguesclients and friends.

All we need to get your LinkedIn account is a picture, your resume and a short bio.  Simple as can be.


FourSquare may be important to your business or it may not.  I Heart Blank has a FourSquare account.  Do I really need one?  Not entirely, but how else would I give you an example.  Foursquare is great for retail storescar dealershipssalons and other walk-in services.  FourSquare is a ‘check in’ social media website.  You can have clients or potential clients ‘check in’ to your business and you can offer them a discount.

We can set up your business on FourSquare simply with the a bio, address and logo picture…or the information on your website.


Yelp is a social media website similar to FourSquare in that it’s a location based social network.  Yelp differs by suggesting whatever you’re looking for with user reviews.  You can see a star rating and find out about some fun things to do.  Yelp is also integrated into the Maps App in iOS 6 on the iPhone now too which means it’s more important than ever.

We can set up your business on Yelp simply with the a bio, address and logo picture…or the information on your website.


YouTube can be beneficial to your business if you would like people to see how and why you do things you do.  Now a days point and shoot camera or even a phone may be all you need.  YouTube has added so many features to uploading videos like Editing, Color Correction, Stabilization,  Audio Overs, Annotations and Captions.  This makes it easier to upload right to your YouTube account.

We can help with setting up your page to feature a video you’d like, upload a bio, profile picture and other features.


Pinterest is social media based on pictures.  You can ‘pin’ your own pictures or ‘repin’ other peoples!  We’ve seen some businesses really take advantage of it.  If you have a business that can benefit from some extra visualization then you should take advantage of pinterest.

I Heart Blank can set up your Pinterest and update it with pictures from your website, Facebook or other social media.