Claryville Center


  • Claryville Center is a very unique center located in upstate New York.  One (not so) little center holds Blue Hill Lodge, Blue Hill Cafe, Claryville Art Center, Claryville Event Center and Claryville Brewing Company.  As the business grew we decided to break out the site into a WordPress Multisite, which means that every ‘part’ of Claryville Center is a different website.  So when you go to you’ll be directed to the Blue Hill Cafe website.  When you go to you will be directed to the Blue Hill Lodge website.

    This was done so we could give all of the different businesses their own identity, while keeping them all connected.

    With the same idea in mind, we created a simple but effective logo that could be ‘interchanged’ with each business.

  • Skills:  

    • WordPress Multisite
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Photoshop

    Special Features:

    • WordPress Multisite
    • Event Calendar
    • PDF Embedder
    • Restaurant Menu Plugin
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