• Throw Yourself In The Deep End!

    I was thinking this month about ‘getting the job done’ and what it takes to do so.  For me a lot of times I like to work under pressure.  I like deadlines and I like the challenge.  It’s almost like a game to me.  A game I get paid for.  It’s the old cliché about […]

  • Newsletter – February 2014

    I Heart Blank News Hey Everyone! We Have An Intern. His Name Is Mat. Meet Him! – This really cool thing happened last week.  I got an email from a CCM student named Mat who was interested in interning here!   I Heart Blank Articles Marketing Statistics For 2014 – WebDAM posted a great infographic with Marketing Statistics that will drive […]

  • Hey Everyone! We Have An Intern. His Name Is Mat. Meet Him!

    This really cool thing happened last week.  I got an email from a CCM student named Mat who was interested in interning here!  We sat down and did a little interview last Friday and, as it turns out, he’s pretty awesome.  So, I started him today.  One of his first duties (hehe) was to write […]

  • People Buy From People: Humanize Your Commercial Client

    We have a real cool treat for you guys today!  We have a ‘guest writer’ by the name of Jeffrey Hedquist to give you a quick quip that should help with your marketing and maybe inspire some ideas for your next round of advertising.  Jeff recently spotted an article I did that…was…well…inspired by him!  He sent […]

  • The Smarter Advertising, Pt. 1

    I haven’t posted in a little bit due to ‘end of the year chaos’ but I thought I would share a few tips & quips for your next advertising campaign.   There are a bunch of things I’ve learned on my own and a bunch of people I’ve taken advice from.  Here’s some of those […]

  • Marketing Gold – Zappos New Product!

    For a limited time has a item for sale on their website.  It’s called the “Sh*t Product” and it’s available to you for the low, low price of $100,000!   I suppose this deserves a little bit of explanation.  It all started when the always-amusing Kanye West was a guest on Bret Easton Ellis’ […]

  • How Well Do You Know Your Customers [Infographic]

    It’s been a little bit since I posted anything to make you smarter.  That changes today!  I came across a great little infograph called “Customer’s Just Aren’t That Into You” which highlights some tips and pitfalls of customer service and customer sales.  Check it out below.  (via Infographic via Handshakez)  

  • How To Stay Progressive With Your Business (Or Go Away)

    I thought I’d write a little post about staying progressive.  Maybe a reminder to stay ahead of the game.  There are some businesses I see who like to sit back and ‘breath.’  I don’t think this is nearly ever good. What I’m Talking About: When you’ve finally opened the doors to your new business or […]

  • Bill Gates Interview at Harvard (Video)

    I love watching interviews with successful business men and the history of their business.  I think it’s because they give you a ‘hindsight is 20/20′ perspective on a business and their failures and successes.  If you don’t want to make the same mistakes in your business, then you should investigate someone who might have already […]

  • More Meanings Of Colors

    In what seems like ages ago I posted an article titled “What Colors In Your Logo Mean…”  It was a fun little article talking about your “color mission statement” and other tips and tricks if you’re looking to re-invent yourself and your business (and logo.)  Today I was browsing 9gag and I found a little […]

  • How To Charge What You’re Worth (& Why)

    I came across an article from titled “6 steps to charging what you’re really worth.”  I really related to the article because I have come to similar conclusions about what I’m worth and how to conduct myself in a business environment.  While the article does a great job describing each of the six points, I decided not to read them (until I finished writing this article) and give my own perspective of the six steps.  So, make sure you go back and read what they have to say too!  Here’s the six steps that they go through: