• Facebook Is Changing It’s Algorithm In 2015

    Yesterday, we posted about Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ and the changing algorithm and optimization of mobile-friendly sites in search engines.  Today I came across another article from Contently called “What Facebook’s Algorithm Change Means for Brands, Publishers, and the Future of Media.”  The article discusses changes in how Facebook is going to change it’s News Feed.  The […]

  • How Competent Are You!?

    I remember being at the end of my second year of college and wondering what the hell I was going to major in.  At the time, I was under the impression that what you majored in was what you were going to be doing for the rest of your life.  Me, who hates making big decisions, was really stressing out about it.  I remember being at a friend’s house and sitting outside with her dad.  I started ranting about it and how stressed out I was.  I remember him stopping me half-way through my rant and simply said, “It doesn’t matter.”  I was shocked.  I mean by the size of their house and where they lived, he’d obviously been successful with his career path.  He continued by saying, “It doesn’t matter what you major in.  Just pick something.  The only thing a college diploma does is prove you’re competent  to learn.”

  • Best Times To Post On Social Media (Infographic)

    I keep trying to find different sources to post on I Heart Blank, but Daily Infographic seems to keep coming up with hits!  Today, I present to you an infograph titled “Social Media:  The Best Time To Outreach.”   While this data may not be for every business, I do think it’s relevant for most ‘conventional […]

  • The Five Second Radio Headline Test

    Jeffrey Hedquist is back to give you another quip about keeping your advertising simple!  Jeff has been a ‘guest writer‘ and now he’s a ‘regular’ one!

    Jeff is primarily a ‘radio guy’ and writes about radio advertising, but almost every article he writes can be related to pretty much any advertising medium.  Todays post has to do with making sure the first 5 seconds of your commercial is the most impactful.  I’ll let Jeff explain…

  • How Not To Sell Something, Vol. 2

    A Funny Story I’m sure I could come up with a bunch of real life examples, but I hate when I go into a store looking to be educated and I can’t get what I’m looking for.  Say, for example, I’m looking for a PC and the ‘sales person’ just reads the boxes or the sales tags. […]

  • How I Sell Something, Vol. 1

    So, we’ve talked about how not to sell.  Today, I thought I’d talk about the other side of the coin and give some inspiration about how I do sell. Most of the time I like to ‘sell’ with options.  Give someone options for what they’re looking for with an explanation of why I’m giving those options and what the […]

  • How Not To Sell Something, Vol. 1

    A Funny Story Funny story.  Someone named ‘Sam’ went to car dealership and left my phone number instead of their own.  I received a number of phone calls from the car dealership.  I let the first few go to voicemail.  I figured after 1 or 2 calls, they’d realize no one was interested.  They weren’t […]

  • Ways To Be More Positive At Work (Infographic)

    The folks at Daily Infographic came through again.  This months infographic it titled “18 Ways To Be More Positive At Work.”  Check it out below or at Daily Infographic. Positivity changes everything. Having a good environment and a healthy outlook can really make any situation into a productive one. Practicing behaviors that will influence beneficial […]

  • Keep Your Advertising Simple

    Jeffrey Hedquist is back to give you another quip about keeping your advertising simple!  Jeff was a ‘guest writer‘ back in January with the article, “Humanize Your Commercial Client” and I think I’m gong to make him a ‘regular’ on this site. Jeff is primarily a ‘radio guy’ and writes about radio advertising, but almost every article […]

  • Newsletter – April 2014

    I Heart Blank Articles Advertising Gold – Creative Subtle Ads – 9gag had a post today titled “Creative Ambient Ads!” and they’re actually really good.  Get motivated and inspired by them! Throw Yourself In The Deep End! – I was thinking this month about ‘getting the job done’ and what it takes to do so.  For me a lot […]