WooCommerce Extension Holiday Ideas

Seems like I’ve been making more and more websites with the e-commerce power of WooCommerce at the helm.  I came across an article from WooCommerce today called “10 WooCommerce extensions for holiday success.”

The more I create WooCommerce-backed websites the more I realize how different each one is.  There’s usually an add-on, extension or separate plugin to help customize the e-commerce experience.

I thought I would help highlight these plugins just in case someone has any interest in them.  After all, the holidays are right around the corner and 73% of holiday purchases are influenced by discounts and other promotions.

Please check out the article for details about the extensions:

Coupons, discounts, and special promotions

  1. Show available discounts right on your site (Smart Coupons)
  2. Create custom URLs that apply coupons automatically (URL Coupons)
  3. Send store credit to deserving customers (Store Credit)
  4. Give something away with a special coupon code (Free Gift Coupons)

Ensuring smooth shipments

  1. Add tracking information to your orders (Shipment Tracking)
  2. Ship items from one order to multiple destinations (Ship To Multiple Addresses)
  3. Allow customers to select their own delivery date (Order Delivery)

Make holiday deadlines clear

  1. Add an in-cart order deadline (Cart Notices)
  2. Add product-specific deadlines with conditional messages (Conditional Content)
  3. Create downloadable content for your product pages (Product Documents)


If you’re interested in getting any of these extensions, please contact us.