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  • 3 SEO Tips…For Funsies

    I ran across an article from Entrepreneur titled “3 SEO Tips to Help Your PR Content Rank Highly With Google’s Latest Update.”  It’s from August 2015, but I don’t see how it’s any less relevant now. Go Long Writing content is both the best and worst thing in the world.  It’s good because it lets […]

  • WordPress 4.5 Released “Coleman”

    Hey Guys. Great news. WordPress 4.5, titled Coleman was released this week. WordPress 4.5 brings a bunch of revamped features. Here are the ‘highlights’ and video from the Codex page: Here are some highlights from the newest WordPress release: Editing Improvements Inline Linking Stay focused on your writing with a less distracting interface that keeps […]

  • Newsletter – January 2016

    I Heart Blank Articles Welcome To 2016 at I Heart Blank – Updating Copyrights, WP + more! – This week brings a bit of work for I Heart Blank.  It’s time for both monthly updates and yearly updates.  I thought I’d write a quick message of somethings I Heart Blank will be doing this week. WordPress […]

  • WordPress 4.4 Released “Clifford”

    Hey Guys.  Great news.  WordPress 4.4, titled Clifford was released this week.  Wordpress 4.4 brings a bunch of revamped features.  Here are the ‘highlights’ and video from the Codex page: Here are some highlights from the newest WordPress release: Introducing Twenty Sixteen Our newest default theme, Twenty Sixteen, is a modern take on a classic blog […]

  • Hourly Price Increases In 2016

    This is a (somewhat) formal announcement of hourly price increases in 2016.  After much deliberation and sleepless nights I’ve decided what the rates will increase to next year. At the start of 2016 I Heart Blank will incorporate a two tier platform for hourly rates.  Check out the details below: Premier Client Hourly Rate = […]

  • WooCommerce Extension Holiday Ideas

    Seems like I’ve been making more and more websites with the e-commerce power of WooCommerce at the helm.  I came across an article from WooCommerce today called “10 WooCommerce extensions for holiday success.” The more I create WooCommerce-backed websites the more I realize how different each one is.  There’s usually an add-on, extension or separate plugin […]