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Hi! My name is Tom DuHamel and I run I Heart Blank, LLC. I started my own business in 2011 but have been making websites since 2002. Before I Heart Blank, LLC I worked for a local radio station in Hackettstown selling advertising, doing voice-overs and helping local business create compelling advertising and marketing campaigns. When I started I Heart Blank, LLC my goal was to integrate the two things I was most experienced at; marketing and website design.
13 02, 2018

.NET Price Increase

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Hello all!  Got a message that the .net pricing is going to be increased.  That means I gotta increase as well.  Good news is they're only going up $1.  Not the biggest deal in the world, but I thought I'd keep you posted.  This will effect all domains as of Feb 1, 2018. Domain Pricing Changes .net new price's are as follows: 1 - 4 years: $17 / year 5+ years:  $16 / year

2 01, 2018

Happy Merry 2018 – 2018 Copyright Updates & More!

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The upcoming week or so brings a bit of work for I Heart Blank.  It's time for both monthly updates and yearly updates.  I will be updating all I Heart Blank websites with a proper "© 2018" footer.  With over 90 sites to update, it's gonna take a few days.  If after the next week, I somehow missed your site, please email me and I'll get it fixed right away.

22 11, 2017

What Is Net Neutrality & Why You Should Fight For It!

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There will be a vote on December 14, 2017 in which the FCC will attempt to kill net neutrality.  A lot of people seem to be against it, but don't know what's really going on.  I thought I'd put together a post to help explain what's going on and what you can do. What Is Net Neutrality? Net Neutrality, on it's own, is pretty basic.  It simply means that information across the internet (websites, streaming, downloads, etc.) are all 'equal.'  It doesn't discriminate.  You can stream movies just as fast as you can download something.  All websites, streaming and [...]

20 11, 2017

WordPress 4.9 “Tipton” Released

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Great news! Wordpress 4.9, titled "Tipton" was released this week. Wordpress 4.9 brings a bunch of revamped features. Here are the 'highlights' from Wordpress' Blog: Customizer Workflow Improved Draft and Schedule Site Design Customizations Yes, you read that right. Just like you can draft and revise posts and schedule them to go live on the date and time you choose, you can now tinker with your site’s design and schedule those design changes to go live as you please. Collaborate with Design Preview Links Need to get some feedback on proposed site design changes? WordPress 4.9 gives you a [...]

10 11, 2017

Tips For Secure Website Passwords

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Often times when creating or entering a new password, Wordpress will determine that they are ‘too weak’ to allow.  It can seem random even if you think your password is pretty secure.  When it comes down to it, your website should be as secure as possible and will help prevent it to be hacked or come under brute force attacks. The solution?  Make sure you're are using secure, strong passwords.  I've also come across some passwords that seem strong, but are considered ‘weak’ by the algorithm WordPress uses. There are a few reasons for this.  Wordpress is using Dropbox’s zxcvbn library to [...]

3 11, 2017

Price Increases In 2018

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It's that time again, but instead of hourly rates, the monthly maintenance plans will be going up.  Check out the details below: 2018 Maintenance Plan Rates The Maintenance plans are designed to give your business a little help throughout the year at a discounted rate.  I haven't raised the maintenance plan rates since I started over 6 years ago.  This year is the year I had to take the jump.  I've added another 'tier' to give another option for your needs.  In the upcoming months, I'll be contacting everyone on a maintenance plan to discuss what plan best fits [...]

9 08, 2017

Optimizing Meta Titles & Descriptions For Search Engines

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Wordpress is pretty Search Engine (and SEO) friendly.  We're going to look at creating (and optimizing) Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions.  We'll also go over some tips and tricks using the Yoast SEO plugin to make your website even more SEO friendly! Defining Our Terms So, when you get results in a search engine (SERP's,) you'll see a Meta Title, URL, and then Meta Description. Meta Title / SEO Title / Tag Title - This is the 'blue' part of the search result and is the Title of the Page URL - This is the URL that is displayed as a [...]

5 07, 2017

Newsletter – July 2017

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It's been quite a while since I sent out a Newsletter.  Actually, about a year.  Sorry about that but I'm sure most of you didn't mind not getting extra emails. There are some newer / bigger updates that have happened over the past few months so I thought I would send an update to your emails...just to keep you informed. I Heart Blank Articles Get SSL On Your Site Or Get Penalized By Google - Google has started penalizing websites that do not have an SSL (https://) in your URL.  Even though I haven’t posted about it, I Heart Blank [...]

5 07, 2017

Get SSL On Your Site Or Get Penalized By Google

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Google has started penalizing websites that do not have an SSL (https://) in thier URL.  Even though I haven't posted about it, I Heart Blank has been taking steps and measures to get our sites secure.  As you know, I like to keep people educated so they can make the best decisions for their business.  So here's the deal so far... What Is SSL / TLS? So before we get into it, the simple question everyone asks me is, "What the hell is an SSL?"  The simple answer is it makes your website secure.  Traditionally, an SSL is used [...]

23 06, 2017

New Domain Prices & June 2017 Updates

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Hey Guys!  It's been a while since a post and there's some new stuff to keep you up on.  Sorry for the lack of posts and whatnot, but I've been busy which is great!  Here's some small updates to keep you posted on. Domain Pricing Changes All right.  For the first time in 5 years, I've had to update some domain prices.  First up is .org & .net.  The new price's are as follows: 1 - 4 years: $16 / year 5+ years:  $15 / year Second is are .com's.  The new pricing is as follows: 1 - 4 [...]

8 06, 2017

WordPress 4.8 “Evans” Released

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Hey Guys. Great news. Wordpress 4.8, titled "Evans" was released this week. Wordpress 4.8 brings a bunch of revamped features. Here are the 'highlights' from Wordpress' Blog: Gear up for a more intuitive WordPress! Version 4.8 of WordPress, named “Evans” in honor of jazz pianist and composer William John “Bill” Evans, is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. New features in 4.8 add more ways for you to express yourself and represent your brand. Though some updates seem minor, they’ve been built by hundreds of contributors with you in mind. Get ready for new features you’ll welcome like an [...]